ARON Lighting is pleased to announce the hiring of Randy Bernard as Director, Research and Development.


Randy is an experienced product and industrial designer who brings with him over 25 years of
experience. Randy held multiple roles in the lighting industry over his career, key positions at Cree
Lighting and Lithonia Lighting in both product design/development and product research.  His
experience and approach to the fixture design process will be instrumental in driving ARON’s fixture
innovations to the next level.
Randy possesses a unique skill set to identify solutions through his collaborative, hands on approach of
listening to specifiers, agency partners and customers to understand their wants and unmet needs. This
translates into innovative lighting products that solve problems while enhancing the aesthetics,
performance, and functionality.
“Randy is the essence of what ARON Lighting’s fixture design process is all about. We entered the
lighting market with the desire and ability to create high quality fixtures that combine form and
function, are completely different to any other fixtures on the market and solve problems for specifiers
and end users.  Randy will only improve on and enhance our next generation of fixtures we are planning
to launch,” said Rob Aronchick, ARON Lighting, Co-Founder.
“ARON Lighting is the kind of company that supports true innovative thinking.  This type of environment
will allow me and my team to be able to explore all of the possible design opportunities to enhance our
customer experience while using our light fixtures.  With the assistance of my design and development
team, we will continue to strive to create new and innovative fixtures that will allow us to differentiate
our products from the rest of the market through unique design features, and thoughtful processes of
installation.  Anything is possible…..” said Randy Bernard.

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